Due to funding and regulatory issues we have been forced to put a hold on the opening of Power Plant Fitness. We do still plan to open and will update the site as things progress and timelines become more clear.

What makes Power Plant Fitness unique?

Members will be allowed to consume cannabis at the gym before or after working out. But that’s not the defining factor, what is really special about Power Plant Fitness, what really sets us apart is that we are more than a gym, we are a full blown health and wellness center, focused on full body integrative health, wellness and fitness. Cannabis is one of many supplements we at Power Plant Fitness use to attain and maintain our symbiotic state of wellness.
Power Plant trainers have a full knowledge base of both physiology and training as well as focused education in all aspects of how to integrate cannabis into one’s daily routine of “wellness”. This philosophy of using cannabis for optimal states of wellness and peak performance is not new, however it has been hidden from the general public. Power Plant Fitness will help those who understand cannabis as a wellness tool proliferate that message to the rest of the world. JOIN US AS WE CHANGE THE WORLD OF FITNESS FOREVER!

What do people want?

An EXPERIENCE of QUALITY, EXCELLENCE & WISDOM. Power Plant Fitness will provide this to our members.


People want to know they are part of the BEST. Power Plant provides the pinnacle of quality for ALL sources of fitness, health & wellness.


People want to belong to a TRIBE. People want to be part of something bigger than themselves. The Power Plant member will feel special and compelled to spread/proliferate our mission and brand to enlighten others.


Modern society is demanding. People want to know they are maximizing their time. Power Plant fitness will take an interactive approach to allow people to maximize their time and workout goals.


End of day people need to know what they are doing works. All other things aside this needs to be a top notch fitness program driven by experts and taught by top notch professionals. This is not a fun weed gym, this is BIG BUSINESS, and we will provide a top notch experience that provide RESULTS!


People want to know they got a better deal than the person next to them. Power Plant Fitness will offer an overall value to our members that far exceed any other gym in San Francisco and the rest of the world.


Never forget how important it is to have fun! Power Plant Fitness makes maintaining your health and wellness fun so people keep coming back. Working out does not have to be a chore! Come join us and let us show you how fun getting in shape can be!

We’ve received amazing press since the first announcement of opening!

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